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83-летняя стала моделью нижнего белья

Дорри призывает пожилых людей в любом возрасте не стесняться и продолжать наслаждаться жизнью во всей ее полноте.

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At 83, I think I’m probably the oldest @playboy Bunny left standing. When I launched the Chicago club with Hef back in 1960, I knew I was witnessing something very special, but I never expected it to kick start the sexual revolution. Now 58 years later, I’m putting my “bunny ears” back on and kick starting another revolution. One that redefines aging. It’s time for old broads to show the world that women’s sexuality doesn’t have an expiration date....that older women can assert their sexuality and bare their bodies proudly. Aging is an attitude. Don’t let anyone make you feel anything less than beautiful, ladies. #bodypositivity #ageless #beauty #sexy #oldbroad #oldlady #playboybunny #playboy #style #commonwealthlv #seniorstylebible #83andglam

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This is part of a new lingerie series that I’m doing to promote body positivity and age diversity in fashion. I may be 83, but I still love lingerie. I am not giving into wearing old lady “granny panties.” As an older woman, I wear sexy lingerie because it makes me feel beautiful and I think I project that to the world. I decided to bare my imperfect, 80-something body because I think it’s important for women of all ages to know that “sexy” isn’t something that just suddenly expires. It’s time we stop listening to that message...and start writing a new, more inclusive definition of beauty. ?? @jax854 #bodypositivity #agelessstyle #oldagebeauty #bodybeautiful #bodypositive #lingeriemodel #oldlady #lingerie #photoshoot #commonwealthlv #seniorstylebible

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BBC News - Русская служба

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